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    China Cycling Travel Questions and Answers:
    We have collected common questions and answers. Please click the link below that applies to your situation. If you can not find an answer to your question, please send us your question here and we will answer it quickly.
    China Visa, Invitation Letter, and other Document (4 questions)
    Tour designing, Reservation, Confirmation (11 questions)
    Money, Currency Exchange, Payment (11 questions)
    Health, Insurance, Safety & Security (6 questions)
    Travel Arrangement: Hotels, Meals (10 questions)
    Travel Arrangement: Tour Guide, Transportation, Tipping, etc. (13 questions)
    Entertainment & Shopping (5 questions)
    Miscellaneous (5 questions)

  • China Visa, Invitation Letter, and other Document
    1. What documentations do I need to travel on your programs in China?
    2. How do I get a visa?
    3. What do I need to have to apply for a visa?
    4. What type of visa do I need?

  • Tour designing, Reservation, Confirmation
    1.Can you buy the international flight tickets for us?
    2.What is the high season? What is the definition for the high season, shoulder season and low season?
    3. What's the weather like in China and what is the best season to cycle in China?
    4. What kind of cycling tour(s) can I get from you?
    5. What is the latest time that I can make my reservation?
    6. How to plan my China trip with you?
    7. Do you offer any discounts if we have many people in our group?
    8. Do children get discounts?
    9. What kinds of medicine do you think I should take?
    10. What are the things I need to pack?
    11. How can I make the complaints if I am not satisfied with some of the services during my tour?

  • Money, Currency Exchange, Payment
    1. How can I pay you? What kinds of payment ways do you accept?
    2. How can I get refund from you if I have to cancel my reservation?
    3. What's the currency used in China? What's the exchange rate between your currency and US dollar?
    4. Where can I change our money into your currency?
    5. Can I use US dollars or other foreign currencies in China?
    6. Can I use credit cards in China?
    7. Can I withdraw money with my credit cards in hotels?
    8. Are there any ATM services in China?
    9. Is there counterfeit money in China? If yes, how can I distinguish the real one from the fake one?
    10. When I finish my tour in China, if I still have some local money, what can I do?
    11. If I want to keep some local money as souvenir, can I do that?

  • Health, Insurance, Safety & Security
    1. Do I need to bring my medical record with me?
    2. Do we need vaccinations to travel to China? If yes, what kinds of vaccinations do we need?
    3. What are my rights and obligations when I travel in China?
    4. What should we do in order to make our journey safe in China?
    5. When I lose my property, what can I do?
    6. If I book a tour from you, what kind of insurance will be included?

  • Travel Arrangement: Hotels, Meals
    1. What are the hotels like used for the cycling tours?
    2. Can the hotel staff understand English?
    3. Is the tap water drinkable in hotels?
    4. Can I use my electrical appliances in the hotel rooms without a converter?
    5. What kind of meals will be included in your cycling tours?
    6. I am a vegetarian, will you provide vegetarian (including no chicken / seafood) meals for me?
    7. Do our tour guides and drivers have meals with us?
    8. For example, if I want to eat at McDonald's or KFC, will I have chance to do that? Or will I have chance to choose my own meals?
    9. We have several meals on our own, can you give us some suggestions about this?
    10. Can we use our credit cards to pay for the meals in China?

  • Travel Arrangement: Tour Guide, Transportation, Tipping, etc.
    1. Is tipping a common practice in China?
    2. Does the quotation you offer include tipping?
    3. If we have lots of free time after finishing the day's cycling and don't want to stay in the hotels, what can we do?
    4. Will your guide accompany us throughout the tour?
    5. How can I know who will be my tour guide when I arrive at airport or railway station?
    6. Can we get a tour guide who can speak our language?
    7. What about your tour guides?
    8. Do I need tour guides when cycling in China?
    9. How about the taxi in China?
    10. What kind of vehicles that we are going to use during our tour?
    11. What is the airport tax in China?
    12. What are the luggage regulations when we take domestic flights in China?
    13. How should we pack our bikes for the domestic flights in China?

  • Entertainment & Shopping
    1. Are there any entertainments we can go and entertain in each city or area, especially during the night time?
    2. Will we have chance to shop for souvenirs during our tour in China?
    3. What are the good buys in China?
    4. Can I use my credit card to pay for the things I have bought?
    5. Can you give us some suggestions about shopping in China?

  • Miscellaneous
    1. Can I use my mobile phone in China?
    2. Can I buy GSM SIM card in China?
    3. Can I rent a mobile phone in China?
    4. What kinds of phone cards are available for us? How can we call back home with these cards?
    5. What are the public holidays in China? Should we avoid visiting China during the public holidays?