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    What people say about us

    We are honored to have received countless praises from our respectful guests from all over the world. Here are just a few of them:

    I have just returned from a three-week cycling tour in Yunnan Province organised by China Odyssey Tours.What an amazing trip and what an extraordinary country. I had cycled in a number of countries before, but without doubt this was the legendary "holiday of a lifetime".

    Leaving the modern city of Kunming, we cycled west along the old Burma Road towards the ancient city of Dali.We saw rural China as it really is. No tourists, just people going about their daily lives.We stayed in a variety of small towns and villages, visited local shops and markets, and spent one evening at a school talking to the pupils.Everywhere we went we met friendly, often curious local people who were always keen to greet us.Our few words of Mandarin, taught to us by our two guides Frank and Jerry, proved a good investment.

    From Dali we headed north to Lijiang and then on to the mighty river Yangtze. The scenery throughout the trip was impressive. We cycled along river valleys, climbed over 3000m passes and dropped down to the valley beyond. The scenic highlight of the tour came with a ride along the awe-inspiring Yangtze River valley to Tiger Leaping Gorge.Here the river is forced between two steep mountainsides, a mere 30 metres apart.The road beyond the gorge took us to a remote Guest House where we had dinner accompanied by the sound of the river and the sight of shooting stars and the Milky Way. It's as good as it gets.

    If you're thinking of cycle touring and want the authentic, rural China, I cannot recommend China Odyssey Tours highly enough.The two guides, both excellent English speakers, couldn't have been more helpful and informative. They went out of their way to ensure we had a wonderful time in their country.Before the trip was over I knew I had to return.

    Roger Nash
    CTC Cycling Holidays and Tours (UK)
    (November 3, 2006)

    The Cyclists Touring Club of Great Britain had its first group visiting China during October 2005. It was a wonderful experience aided by the superb organisation by China Odyssey Tours. Planning for the trip was extremely efficient with close contact being maintained with me at all times. On the trip itself one could not have asked for a more efficient attention to detail by the friendly Company representatives assigned to accompany the group. Are we using China Odyssey again? You bet. Many trips are in the pipeline.

    Peter Crofts
    Tour Organiser
    CTC Cycling Holidays and Tours (UK)


    We, in the UK have received a great deal of adverse press about China in recent weeks eg. cruelty to animals, bird flu, sweat shops, pollution and human rights infringements to name some. All this creates an impression which does not match our experience during our cycling trip to the Yunnan Province this October. China is such a big country it's hard for us to appreciate that to us, (effectively), it's more a collection of several large countries and each should, maybe, be judged on its own merits. Also we need to accept that parts of the western world leave much to be desired and that we as individuals are at the mercy of the media in relation to what we are led to believe.

    Arriving in Kunming we were surprised to discover a modern, clean city that although having enough cars to create traffic jams, was noticeably quieter than most in Europe. There were still plenty of bicycles present with plenty of space dedicated to their safe use.

    Our cycle ride through the countryside was relatively car free with some lorries and the occasional bus. Compared to cycling in other parts of Asia it was very civilized and safe. We had plenty of time to observe the way of life of the Chinese farmer, it was harvest time so all hands available were working the fields by hand with only an occasional sign of mechanization. What was very apparent however was that you did not see a fat person, no beggars and the farm animals and dogs were all healthy looking. There were frequent occasions when we saw groups of young children, smiling and waving, as they walked to school, no polluting vehciles ferrying them and they all looked healthy.

    Our experience of cycling through the quiet countryside, with big mountains on either side of us, many of them snow covered, the occasional big climb, rivers and gorges, kind people, sunny but cool weather and freshly cooked healthy food has provided us with nothing but happy memories and an urge to return as soon as possible.

    Maurice Truby
    CTC Cycling Holidays and Tours (UK)